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Introducing new book:

"Accessing Past Lives
With Help of Technology"



  • Do you want to know how to access your past lives?
  • How the experiences of your previous incarnations shape the person you are today?
  • Discover the enigmatic Universal Knowledge Library
    and explore the vast realm of wisdom it holds.
  • Explore how modern technology can facilitate your spiritual quest for knowledge.

"Accessing Past Lives with Help Of Technology,” is the innovative book
that tries to provide answers to these fundamental questions.

The book consists of two parts: first part talks about how to access the information about your past lives and the second part gives you sample readings and visions from the past.
I have uccessfully unlocked 11 of my own past lives and 13 of other people'
using the methods outlined in the book.

Join the ranks of those who have embraced this groundbreaking approach
and unlocked the hidden mysteries of their past lives.

"Accessing Past Lives with Help Of Technology";
is a must-read for seekers of truth, spiritual growth and profound self-awareness.

Allow this book to serve as your guiding light on a voyage of self-discovery, revealing the meaningful revelations that await you within the tapestry of your past lives.


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on the platform where you made the purchase.

Thank you for being here with me on this journey through time and space!

Book Of Past Lives Journal is part of the set with book
“Accessing Past Lives With Help Of Technology”.

  • Unlock and record the secrets of your soul's history with our unique past lives tracking journal
  • With meticulously designed prompts and guidance, this journal is your companion in navigating the depths of your subconsciousness, helping you make sense of the echoes of the past that shape your present
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your Soul by reading through all your uncovered past lives
  • Validate the facts you have discovered using historical and geographical references
  • Leave a lasting memoir not only of your current life but also of your previous existences


As part of the set:

"Book of Past Lives Journal"


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